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Basic Photography Gear You Will Need When Starting Out

When you decide to make your mark on the photography world by starting your own business, there are a few integral pieces of equipment that you must have, if you hope to be successful. Even if you donít have a huge startup budget, it is a good idea to purchase the best equipment, most hi-tech equipment that will fit into your budget. If you find yourself in need of special equipment that you just cannot afford to purchase, you may find that you will be better off renting those items, until you make the funds needed to purchase them. This may be a good idea anyway, for that equipment that you may only use once in a while. This way, you will have more money to spend on the equipment that you will be using often, so that you can get better equipment, without blowing your budget.

As your business progresses and makes money, you can reinvest this money into better photography equipment, or even buy that special gear that you have been previously renting. It is a good idea to get insurance coverage on your photography equipment, so that you can replace it in the event it gets damaged or stolen, rather than you having to come up with the money to purchase it all over again.

As you probably already know, the single most important piece of photography equipment you will purchase is your digital camera. If you already have one, you can probably use it, but you will have to purchase a better model sooner or later. Professional digital cameras come with features that will help ensure you always get the perfect photo, which is crucial to your business. Check out the features available when you are camera shopping, and make certain you get one that comes with a good warranty.

You will need an up to date computer, one that can run all of the software that you will be using to edit your photos. You want to make sure the computer is loaded with RAM and hard drive space, as you will be using lots in your editing and cropping. You will need to also make certain you have the proper equipment needed for hooking your camera into your computer, and downloading your photos.

You should try to at least purchase one good quality printer to use at home as well. It will be best if you have a scanner, either separate, or built into your printer. You only want to use this printer for printing photos. If you need to print out contracts or reports, do so using another printer and a cheap model will do nicely. Look for a bulk deal when buying your photo paper, as it can be quite expensive if you donít shop around.

You will need to have some lighting that you can easily transport by yourself, from shoot to shoot. Professional lighting can be quite pricey, but you can occasionally find used lighting that can be much more affordable.

Depending on what type of photos you plan to specialize in, you will need a couple of backgrounds, portable being the best, unless you have your own studio and clients come to you.

These are just the bare essentials that you will need when starting your own photography business. Remember, that you are looking for both quality and a good price!

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